Southwest Alabama supports a major maritime sector, spearheaded by its renowned shipbuilding industry. The Mobile Bay gives the region a natural advantage to propel and sustain this highly competitive sector. The maritime industry includes not only shipbuilding but port activities and the economic activity generated by water transportation enterprises.

Average Salary*
Workers Employed
*The average industry wages provided here cover positions from entry-level to CEO. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, individual salaries may vary due to factors like location, experience, and job role. These figures serve as general estimates; for precise information, consider further research and consultation with professionals.


SAWDC’s Maritime partners include:

Alabama Shipyard

Alabama Heat Exchangers

Alliance Mechanical Solutions


Ingalls Shipbuilding

Lewis Precision

Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama Inc.

Myer Marine Services

Silver Ships

Worthington Industries


  • You enjoy working hands-on and are goal-oriented

  • You are an effective communicator and an active listener

  • You are a decision maker and have excellent sense of judgement

  • You are dependable, adaptable, and flexible