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SAWDC Alabama Works is an employer-established and employer-led non-profit organization whose mission is to develop strategic partnerships which attract, educate and train students and workers to better meet employer needs and foster economic growth in a global marketplace. With a vision to create a fully comprehensive, integrated workforce development system, SAWDC has partnered to establish four high quality workforce partnerships – a sound strategy for helping individuals obtain and advance in good careers while at the same time ensuring that employers have high-quality skills that are needed to compete in today’s dynamic economy.

The six industry clusters – aviation, construction, healthcare, hospitality & tourism, manufacturing, and transportation, distribution, & logistics – were chosen due to the high demand and high growth prospects for these industries. With a dual customer approach, SAWDC convenes, organizes key stakeholders, and maintains persistent attention to the needs of the two main customers: employers and workers. By engaging employers and other partners in identifying workforce needs, SAWDC aligns funding from various sources and brokers services that address the career advancement needs of employers and lower-skilled adults.

Our Mission

The mission of SAWDC is to develop a world class workforce development system with a focus on meeting employer needs and fostering economic growth in a global marketplace.

Our Vision

SAWDC has a vision of every job, effectively filled on time.

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About AlabamaWorks

AlabamaWorks is a network of interconnected providers of workforce services, including all of the governmental, educational, and private sector components that train, prepare, and match job seekers with employers.

Success Plus Program

Success Plus is Alabama’s program for improving the statewide level of education beyond high school to help Alabamians achieve the education needed for present and future workplace success.

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