The construction sector in Southwest Alabama is composed of small and large constructors and contractors. This group is responsible for all aspects of the construction process, including designing, managing, building, and maintaining structures. Creating this network of people involves a wide range of highly skilled and specialized individuals that are problem solvers, dedicated to safe operating procedures, and have a focus on time management. Whether you are interested in using your hands, overseeing projects, or designing, there is a pathway for you in the construction sector that provides rewarding employment and opportunities for advancement.

Average Salary*
Workers Employed
*The average industry wages provided here cover positions from entry-level to CEO. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, individual salaries may vary due to factors like location, experience, and job role. These figures serve as general estimates; for precise information, consider further research and consultation with professionals.


SAWDC’s Construction partners include:

Apache Industrial Services

Brown & Root

C&H Construction

Dunn Building Company

G.A. West

Gulf Coast Underground

Gulf States Engineering

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

Performance Contractors

Thompson Engineering



  • Do you like building things?

  • Do you like working with others?

  • Do you enjoy working with tools?

  • Do you have a strong attention to detail?

  • Do you make good grades in math and science?